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About Independent Music Promotions

Welcome to the “music with depth” movement. Independent Music Promotions is a DIY music promotion company focusing exclusively on music with depth worldwide. Once we choose an artist, we guarantee results (see our “social proof” section for direct examples). Our results can be Googled and our reputation speaks for itself.

I.M.P’s campaigns are all run by James Moore, author of the best-selling “Your Band Is A Virus” music marketing book series. His work, most notably his “Can We Get In Pitchfork?” piece, has become one of the most shared pieces on Music Think Tank, having been spread by the likes of Reverbnation, CDBaby, the Lefsetz Letter, the Indie Bible, Indie-music.com, DIY Daily and Buzzsonic.com.

James Moore and Independent Music Promotions have been featured in many publications including Vandala Magazine, Antimusic, CDBaby, The Ripple Effect, Dotted Music, Evolver.fm, Music Think Tank, Hypebot, IAE Magazine, Think Like A Label, and Alancross.ca.

To read more about our story and mission, please view our press release here.

Our policy

No low quality demo’s. No corporate rock. No Idol pop. No adult contemporary. No run of the mill club/mainstream music. The music must have depth.

We offer full-service music marketing campaigns and guaranteed review packages for independent bands and artists of all genres. All our services are strictly based on gaining high amounts of press (reviews, interviews, features, video publicity, blog posts, magazine pieces) for chosen bands and solo artists. Press is absolutely vital when it comes to grabbing the attention of festivals, labels, licensing companies and finding new listeners. Artists with low amounts of press are often seen as amateurs or beginners in the industry. That’s why guaranteed press is our focus. We fill a much needed void for independent artists.

Publications we’ve secured press in include: The Huffington Post, Buzzfeed, Indecent XPosure, Young Hollywood, VICE, Sputnik Music, Times Square, Tone Deaf, Kings of A&R, WhatCulture, QRO Magazine, The 405, Altrocklive.com, HEAR Magazine, The Hot Zone USA, Sputnik Music, Diffuser.fm, Indie Shuffle, Antimusic.com, Obscure Sound, Swagger Magazine, Music-news.com, Under the Gun Review, Soletron, The Portal Mag, The Ripple Effect, NBHAP, Rock n’ Roll Report, ZINK Mag, WHOA Mag, Blog Critics, Hypetree, Punknews.org, Weekly Podcast, Lithium Mag, Target Audience Mag, The Deli Mag, Speaker Creatures, I Heard In, Screamer Mag, and hundreds of others.

We operate with the goal of helping artists further themselves and do everything on a trust-based grassroots level. Our pricing is also among the lowest in the business. For full details and campaign pricing, check out our rates page.

What Artists Say About Us:

“If you are a band or artist with some potential, James Moore knows how to create a lot of noise about you. Through his contacts in the industry he is able to get your music listened to and reviewed by some of the industries top online and print blogs and magazines. Through his company ‘Independent Music Promotions’ James consistently delivers value to the independent artist and always delivers beyond expectation.” Chris de la Hoyde; Manager: Monks of Mellonwah (www.monksofmellonwah.com)

“When James Moore said that we would get more then we bargained for we never thought is would be this good. James is highly professional, in regular contact and really, really cares about the artists he works with. And to put the cherry on top he gets amazing results.” – Rooftop Runners (www.rooftoprunners.com)

James Moore is the rare individual in the music business that not only does tremendous work for the artists he represents, but truly respects his clients, proving you can have both aheart and a brain in this industry.  We highly recommend his services and his book, Your Band is a Virus, to any musician with serious aspirations in music; both are worth every penny. – BJ Fitzgerald, The Ill Funk Ensemble (www.illfunk.com)

“Any artist creating unusual and interesting music should look into working with Independent Music Promotions.  James Moore has a very unique perspective on the music industry, and this makes him a great fit for the type of artists he prefers to work with.  He is one of the only people working in music who is willing to simply tell it exactly as it is.  James gave me a much clearer picture of how the modern industry actually works, and he is filled with useful advice.  He is also a great publicist who has a talent for getting fringe music featured in many different types of publications.” -Gabriel Riccio of The Gabriel Construct (http://thegabrielconstruct.bandcamp.com)

“After releasing my first album as a leader, I spent many months contacting reviewers with little response until I found Independent Music Promotions. Once I delegated all of that hard work to James Moore, I was getting more results and attention faster than I had anticipated. I could focus a lot of my energies on the music again. I was even getting more calls to perform rather than making them. I believe that if you have something good and you’re starting out without help, James can definitely get you results.” – Joan Torres from Joan Torres’s All Is Fused (http://joantorresallisfused.bandcamp.com/)

“James has been working with artists throughout the world . His experience of over 10 years promoting independent music is well evident from his first book – “Your Band Is A Virus” in which he expresses his thoughts that a music band is like a virus.” – Musicperk.com

“It’s rare to find competence like James’s. The attention he gave EndAnd has been more than satisfying. We are musicians who have no inclination to take on the role of promoters…or advisors, managers and or A&R personal which James has been to us. We got more then we bargained for.” – Daniel Fern, EndAnd (www.endand.bandcamp.com)

“My band ”Slim Loris” recorded and released an album but were struggling a bit with promoting it. We decided to use the services of James Moore and Independent Music Promotions to get some more publicity. In a couple of weeks time James had generated more press and reviews for us than we had managed our selves in several months. I would highly recommend Independent Music Promotions for any independent band looking to get their music noticed.” - Mattias Cederstam, Slim Loris, (slimloris.bandcamp.com)

“Our band (The Barrens) was referred to James Moore by EndAnd. After seeing their success we decided to take a chance hiring him for his services. It didn’t take long at all–we got results that we couldn’t get anywhere else: album reviews, interviews, and new fans all around the world. James is very well-connected with the industry and he also provides quality customer service, making us feel at ease and respected as artists.” – Debbie Chou, The Barrens (thebarrens.bandcamp.com)

“I have been very happy with Independent Music Promotions.  I would recommend them to anyone trying to promote a CD project, without hesitation.” - Doug Prescott (www.dougprescott.com)

“James is a great guy and a true professional. He has the knowledge and the passion to create great results. I am really glad that we met and we are working together and I cannot thank him enough.” – Katrin the Thrill (www.katrinthethrill.com)

“After self releasing 4 albums with no real publicity follow up, I decided I needed to try something different for my 5th. Instead of doing all the work myself, this time I hired James Moore.  I have had so many good write ups as a result of his campaign, a few new facebook fans and a producer even offered to remix one of my songs through the campaign. I highly recommend his services for an independent musician who wants results.” – Nehedar (www.nehedar.com)

What The Industry Says About Us

“I’m more then happy to recommend Independent Music Promotions to deliver on what they promise. What James Moore does is unique; he works with carefully chosen independent artists on a one on one format to music web sites, blogs and magazines that are well-respected.” - Jabberdi.com

“One of music promotions brightest minds (and as it turns out) nicest guys.” - Joshua Liston, DIY Music Movement

“James Moore will provide you with all of the tools to help get your music out to the masses.” - SKOPE Magazine

“One of the unsigned music industry’s largest names.” - The Music Magazine

“IMP is essential for any artist that truly wants to develop their brand name. Getting press is one of the hardest things for an artist to achieve and Jame’s rapport with the press opens doors for artists he represents. Why? Because they know already that James Moore is a tastemaker with an ear for great music. Also, IMP can help you define and build your target fanbase using techniques often overlooked by less savvy promoters and publicists. His extensive research and knowledge of the ever changing music industry comes in handy for those who are trying to steer their music career in the right direction without all of the usual pitfalls that bands tend to find themselves in.” Douglas Garnett aka GALILEE of VOD Recordings

“Moore remains brutally honest in the best way possible, explains what you need to do, while setting realistic expectations and never sugarcoating the truth.” - Nanobot Rock

“With his heart deeply rooted into the soil of musician’s advocacy, James Moore has established himself as one of the few remaining folks who continue to devote their careers in order to support independent and DIY artists all over.” - Indie, Bikes & Beer

“James has years of knowledge and knows how to help guide your band to the next level.” - Enigma Magazine

“Without a high quality promotion campaign to support and guide you, you could easily fall through the cracks, and this is exactly what the PR pioneers over at Independent Music Promotions aim to combat!” - All the Rage UK

“James lays the foundation every indie, DIY band needs to survive in the digital age.” – Joshua Smotherman, MidTNMusic

“James is an honest and hard working promoter of some of the best upcoming indie talents in the world.” - Muzicnotez.com

Want proof of our results?

We encourage you to Google our artists (both current and past) to see the hundreds of results that come up. As Kurt Cobain once said “It’s all in the meat.”:

Monks of Mellonwah (Indie/Alt Rock) (Australia)

EndAnd (Noise Rock/Punk) (U.S.A)

Arc and Stones (Indie/Alt Rock) (U.S.A)

The Tomas Doncker Band (Soul/World/Funk) (U.S.A)

Chuckie Campbell (Hip Hop/Conscious Hip Hop)

Generator Ohm (Post-Rock/Progressive Rock) (U.S.A)

Time and Energy (Jam Band/Psychedelic) (U.S.A)

Sound Strider (IDM, Techno, Glitch Hop) (Germany/France)

Slack Armada (Ambient, Downtempo Electronic, Shoegaze, Post-rock) (U.S.A)

Klassik (Hip Hop/Jazz) (U.S.A)

Minor Sounds (Downtempo/Electronic) (England)

Rooftop Runners (Downtempo/Electronic) (Germany)

Drunksouls (Pop/Reggae) (France)

Liquid Casing (Progressive Rock/Post-Punk) (U.S.A)

Marla Mase (Rock/Singer-Songwriter) (U.S.A)

The Boston Boys (Bluegrass/Indie/Pop) (U.S.A)

The Gabriel Construct (Metal/Crossover) (U.S.A)

Kevin Jenkins (R&B/Soul) (U.S.A)

Aurganic (Electronic/Crossover) (Canada/U.S.A)

Ron Littlejohn & the Funk Embassy (Funk/Soul) (U.S.A)

Beijing (Garage/Alt Rock) (U.S.A)

My Woshin Mashin (Electronic/Industrial) (Russia/Germany)

Esquille (EDM) (Sweden)

The Como Brothers Band (Pop/Indie) (U.S.A)

EdTang & The Chops (Folk/Rock) (U.S.A)

Lakefield (Indie Pop/Indie Rock) (Canada)

A Primitive Evolution (Alt Rock) (Canada)

Joan Torres’s All Is Fused (Jazz) (Puerto Rico)

MonaLisa Twins (Folk/Pop) (Austria)

Grown Up Avenger Stuff (Indie) (U.S.A)

New Mongrels (Folk/Roots/Americana) (U.S.A)

Heidi Howe (Alt-Country, Americana, Singer/Songwriter) (U.S.A)

Changing Modes (Indie/Pop) (U.S.A)

Mutt’s Company (Rock) (Denmark)

The Plum Magnetic (World, Fusion, Rock) (U.S.A)

Young Stacks LGi (Hip Hop) (U.S.A)

Scarlet Hollow (Progressive Metal) (U.S.A)

Michael Cullen (Singer/Songwriter, Synth, Gothic Rock)

Gumshen (Progressive Rock/Pop) (U.S.A)

Stephano Gavilanes (EDM) (U.S.A)

Norine Braun (Roots, Blues, Singer/Songwriter) (Canada)

Pigeon Park (Alt Rock) (Canada)

Drop Electric (Indie/Electronic) (U.S.A)

The Weekenders (Folk/Rock) (U.S.A)

Asiago (Alt Rock) (Norway)

Cats Park (Downtempo/Electronic) (Russia)

Vajra (Metal/Progressive Rock) (U.S.A)

Ximena Borges (Vocal/Experimental) (U.S.A, Venezuela)

Slim Loris (Folk/Americana) (Sweden)

Louise Aubrie (Indie Pop) (U.S.A)

Vulture Kult (Punk) (Canada)

Umbrella Bed (Ska, 2Tone) (U.S.A)

The Barrens (Indie/Garage Rock) (U.S.A)

The Ill Funk Ensemble (Hip Hop/R&B) (U.S.A)

Chords of Truth (Folk/Acoustic) (U.S.A)

Cojones (Stoner Rock) (Croatia)

Willie Ames (Folk/Acoustic) (U.S.A)

Grant Lyle (Blues) (Canada)

Katrin the Thrill (Alt Rock) (Greece)

Doug Prescott (Americana) (U.S.A)

Nehedar (Indie Pop) (U.S.A)


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